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Why Choose Striped Cushions For Your Home?

Cushions are one of the most fun, accessible products in interior design. No matter your budget, they’re one of the most affordable ways to update a room. They’re one of those products that can make a big impact without you having to make a significant financial investment. 

They’re also deeply comforting and can make any space feel more inviting, whether it’s the bedroom or living room. 

However, cushions come in so many different styles, it can be difficult to know where to start. Striped cushions continue to be one of the most popular choices with interior designers for a number of reasons. 

Here’s a few reasons to pick them for your space:

For starters, they instantly add an interesting feature to a room. Stripes have the ability to make a space look more dynamic, drawing the eye and even creating ‘movement’ in your space. They do this thanks to the contrasts of the lines and colours, which can make any room look more interesting.  

They’re also versatile and work with a variety of interior design schemes. No matter if you have a contemporary, rustic, or coastal atmosphere, striped cushions will instantly fit in. 

pillows on stairs


My Candy Stripe Cushions come in a variety of colours, making it easy to find the ideal shade for your room. 

Thanks to coming in an array of colours, striped cushions are brilliant for tying together different shades in your room. Perhaps you want to choose a colour that contrasts with the colour of your walls, furniture or other decor, therefore creating a cohesive appearance. 

Striped cushions bring patterns to a room, but without being overwhelming. 

Many of us don’t like to introduce too much texture and pattern to a room, because it can feel like it takes over. However, the same can be said of too many solid colours. Striped cushions can provide a break from ubiquitous colours and therefore interrupt the monotony of your room. They prevent it from feeling one-dimensional and bring more balance into a space. 



Have a nautical theme in your home?

Blue striped cushions are a wonderful choice for coastal homes or rooms where you want to create a relaxed, coastal ambiance. Our blue striped cushion above is also ideal for a children’s bedroom, since it helps to bring a whimsical feel. 

Striped cushions never go out of style. 

Now more than ever, interior design trends come and go. Thanks to sites like Instagram and Pinterest, what’s popular today isn’t tomorrow. Striped cushions, however, have been used in interior design for decades and show no signs of going anywhere. 

Experiment with a mixture of different colours. 

With our striped cushions, it’s easy to mix and match with different colours, sizes and styles, so you can create a look that best fulfils your design vision. We have four bold and bright colours to choose from. 

Beautify your current furniture.

If you’re looking for cushions to complement a striped rug or curtains, Rowena Jeanes Ltd has an excellent range to choose from. Alternatively, you might want striped cushions that stand out on a plain sofa and help it become a focal point in the room. 

Whether cushions are used to highlight another piece or as part of the main design, they’re one of the most stylish and versatile additions to your home decor. If you’re looking to give a new homeowner a gift this Christmas, Rowena Jeanes Ltd has a lovely collection of cushions, quilts and soft furnishings. 

Explore my collection of striped cushions today. Or don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.
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